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The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital Foundation is the proud fundraising partner of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (PSFDH).

We raise funds for PSFDH because the Ontario government does NOT pay for equipment for hospitals. This includes equipment such as patient beds, IV pumps, MRI machines and other vital components of a thriving hospital.

Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital Foundation

Every dollar raised helps keep care close to home

Generous donors -people like you- help us expand and improve patient care at PSFDH, so you can feel secure knowing you, your family and loved ones will receive the best possible care from your hospital when it’s needed the most. No matter how much or how you choose to give, every dollar raised helps keep care close to home!

Recent news and upcoming events

Stay tuned for exciting updates from securing vital medical equipment to upcoming events.

MRI Campaign

The MRI is officially here HOWEVER, it has not been paid for, and we need your help more than ever to fund this vital diagnostic equipment.

50/50 Tickets

A win for you is a win for your hospital! Our monthly 50/50 draws are a fun way to support care close to home.

Ways to Give

Your Donations Help Keep Care Close to Home

No matter how much or how you choose to give, every dollar raised helps keep care close to home!

You can make your gift in one of the following ways:


Your thoughtfulness helps us support the healthcare needs of our community.

One Time Gift

Every gift you make helps to keep care close to home

In Memory

A meaningful way to remember and pay tribute to a loved one who has passed.

Monthly Giving

Give a monthly gift of your preferred amount

Legacy Giving

Your future contribution can be made in a few different ways.

Gifts of Security

Give your gift through stocks and shares.

Gifts of Gratitude

Giving in their honour is a special way to say, “thank you”

Future Stars Program

Celebrate baby’s arrival with a Twinkle Star on our Future Stars Wall

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Print off our colouring sheet and let your child's creativity shine!  Email a photo of your finished sheet to don’t...

Words from our Community

What it Means toKeep Care Close To Home

By supporting The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital Foundation, you help ensure that essential medical care remains accessible within the local community, fostering a sense of security and well-being by keeping healthcare services close to home.


Care close to home means peace of mind. It means knowing that exceptional health care is available to my family just minutes from home.

Grateful Donor

Health care close to home to me means patient centered care. Taking care of the patient in every way, which also takes care of the family too. Less wait times for testing, less stress, less travel.

Grateful Donor

Care close to home to me means receiving professional and compassionate care with a very personal touch, since most of the employees reside right here within our community.

Grateful Donor

Having vital equipment close to home gives my family and I peace of mind. Knowing it will be shorter waiting times to get an appointment for a diagnosis and a quick trip to the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospitals lessens the stress level for us Baby Boomers.

Grateful Donor

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Generous donors - people like you - help us to maintain the high standard of patient care that we are proud of and expect from our hospital