Your Support Matters

Why Your Support Matters

By joining us on the frontlines of healthcare you are making a huge impact on the lives of your neighbours, your friends and your family. 

Your generosity has helped us purchase the equipment our healthcare professionals need to diagnose and treat patients within our hospital.  You have helped us support the hospital expand services that allow patients in our community to access the care they need close to home and family.

Every day, our healthcare heroes strive to solve health problems for every patient. They’re on the frontlines easing pain and saving lives – finding answers.

Every day, we, the Foundation are driven to make lives better in our community. But we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in.

Your generous support will help our hospital:

Ensuring the most up to date diagnostic equipment and treatment programs are available so our healthcare teams can continue to improve how they care for the patients they serve close to home.

Ensure the right programs are developed and available to meet the diverse and changing needs of our communities, close to home.

Your contribution helps us purchase vital medical equipment used every single day to help our patients. We cannot do it without your support. 

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The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital
Foundation is a charitable organization.

Our Mission

To work with our community to raise and steward funds for projects and services for health care at our hospital.

Our Vision

To support the best quality of life for residents by funding exceptional health care.